Chinese Universities And Chinese Language Schools – A Perfect Way To Study Chinese


If you’re looking to study Chinese in Hong Kong, what better way then through a dedicated Chinese language school or language department of a Chinese based university? With the business world rapidly becoming an environment with greater and greater East/West ties, the complex Mandarin Chinese language is rapidly becoming a go-to necessity for the global workplace. It’s a complicated language to learn, however, and one it is essential to get right.

How can I best learn Chinese in Hong Kong?

One of the simplest ways to master the Chinese language is to look for entry-level schools offering beginner language courses in high schools, community colleges and universities. These will offer you a basic, functional level of spoken communication with a little written Chinese to add to the program. They should also allow some degree of access to native speakers willing to practise and help you perfect your pronunciation. See more here!

Will audio programs help?

If you’re trying to learn Chinese in Hong Kong,  audio programs will provide a degree of basic familiarity with the language and may be a worthwhile stepping stone in your language journey. They can be accessed at any time and provide a good way to train your ear to listen to the intricacies of a foreign language. However, they lack face to face correction and personalised guidance, and learning though a Chinese school in Hong Kong is always a better approach if you are able to do so.

Other tuition sources.

Many Chinese Universities offer short term language courses to everyone. These courses may, depending on the campus, even be broken into targeted groups like those seeking to learn for business purposes and those trying to brush up before a holiday. Of course, if you feel it would be more beneficial to you, you can also learn Chinese in Hong Kong through a private tutor. Most Chinese cultural societies will be able to recommend a tutor. If you opt to go private, be sure to check the credentials of the tutor, as simply being a native of a specific language group does not mean one is a good teacher. Hopefully, the tutor will be able to prove their skills and commitment to a safe learning process. You can also seek out the opportunity to live with a Mandarin family for a while to provide immersive study of the language. The act of speaking with native speakers daily will certainly improve your communication capabilities and facilitate your learning of the language in an immersive environment far faster then through tuition.

In the end, however, a language school will always be the number one choice to study Chinese in Hong Kong, focusing specifically on language tuition and making the language easily accessible to foreign speakers. Most people cannot afford the time commitment of an immersive study, and while audio books and such provide a great way to start off in the language, they rarely enable you to progress further then a very basic grasp of the language. The best way by far to learn Chinese in Hong Kong is through a university course or Chinese language school near you.

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