Why Do I Want To Learn Chinese?


Well, ask yourself. You should know why you are on this page. Are you planning a vacation to Taiwan, Singapore, China, Hong Kong or Malaysia in the next six months, where a huge part of the population communicate by Chinese, and you wanted to be able to speak and understand a little bit of Chinese to enrich the travelling experience further?

Or are you learning Chinese to target that next promotion coming around the corner? Or that chance to be chosen to work overseas in some Chinese speaking countries? Maybe you wanted to learn Chinese just so you can talk to that sweet, beautiful oriental girl you saw last week?

Or could it be that you just enjoy appreciating the linguistic and historical aspect of the Chinese language? That rich culture and ingenious simplicity of logic encoded into the language grammar and character form, the result of which is a calligraphically beautiful and semantically densely packed language.

Chinese, both spoken and written, is becoming increasingly useful and important as China might be set to be the next financial superpower fifty years into the future. As China grows in strength, the demand for Chinese expertise is merely going to rise. Mastering Chinese will open the doors for you to understand more of Chinese culture and how to handle the Chinese people in business dealings.

If you can converse fluently in Chinese and appear to have certain
Knowledge about Chinese traditions, then congratulations, you’ll find increasing work chances and career advancement opportunities. Even if your partners from China know how to speak English, your relationship with them will improve significantly if they discover that you can discuss business or exchange simple greetings with them in Chinese.

Whether you are preparing for the student exchange program in China, or aspiring to be a United Nations interpreter and translator, it doesn’t matter.

Because why you are here doesn’t matter. The point is that you are here and we will guide you the rest of the way.

Learning Chinese can be fun and easy. It would also cost way less than hiring a personal language tutor, but yet prove to be as effective if not more so, if you are determined.

Chinese is just like any other language and there are no differences in difficulty for Chinese people learning to speak English as compared otherwise. We only perceive it to be more difficult because we are very unfamiliar with the many characteristics that define Chinese.


The perceived notion that Chinese language is difficult to learn comes from the difference in linguistic distance (of two language systems) comparing English to Chinese, as to comparing English to Spanish. For example, the latter share the same alphabetical system and also many Latin roots with English while Chinese doesn’t. However, learning Chinese is actually the same as learning Tamil or Korean or Japanese. You just have to accept that there are distinct linguistic features in every language, and that beauty lies in uniqueness.learn more from http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/china/

Another thing that causes beginners to feel that Chinese is very difficult is the absence of culture understanding between the east and the west. In the past a Chinese can finish a book in English and yet fail to understand just who is Santa Clause (and other similar cultural terms), and so they thought English was difficult. But with proper explanations as we progress in our learning, you will find that Chinese is the same as any other language.

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