So How Should I go About Learning Chinese?

Mandarin Chinese

Nowadays, there are tons of free information and resources out on the web that has gotten many people thinking that picking up a skill is as easy as watching a couple of YouTube videos or reading some related books or articles. They cannot be more WRONG! Yes, it does work if you’re learning something really simple or if you’re only finding out how to solve some small problems. But for something as complicated as learning an entirely new and foreign language SYSTEM, you would need SYSTEMATIC training, better still if it’s from an educator who is also a Chinese native speaker.

While personal tutors offers a learning experience which is engaging, interactive and flexible, they lack in strictly tested and proven structured courses which aims to cover all bases in a specific time frame. Online courses on the other hand will mean that you do not have to waste your precious time commuting to meet your tutor and you can learn whenever and wherever you are convenient. The best part about online courses is that they provide you with convenient access to lots of video and audio resources that you can easily bring along with you wherever you go.continue reading at

Comfort also plays an important part in learning. Using an online course places you in the comfortable setting of your own home where you will absorb knowledge best. Being able to replay pronunciations or redo or re-read each section definitely helps because many would feel uncomfortable repeatedly asking a personal tutor to repeat him or herself to avoid feeling embarrassed or appearing stupid.

Theory and practice should always go together, and that’s why I will try to build this site up to provide you with the theory step by step along the way and hope that learning the Chinese language would be an easier journey for you.

However, that being said, I personally feel that you will need to have some sort of targeted audio resource as well as structured practice. You can find out more from subscribing to our free Chinese report, or you can try learning the Chinese with Rocket Chinese.

Mandarin Chinese

With proper guided training to learn Chinese from a native speaker, this is one of the best designed courses which will cover you on the Chinese phonetic system and at the same time offer you tons of practice to familiarize yourself with Chinese pronunciation and its vocabulary building. You can also attempt quizzes to revise what you’ve learned at the end of each lesson.

The course also includes a forum for sharing of tips and experiences to help one another in the learning process.

Find out what was the learning experiences for people who went through the course and you might just find someone with your same set of circumstances benefiting from the course. I would then say, “Duplicate his process and you can duplicate his success!”

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