Here are Some Personal Tips on Learning Chinese That I Feel is Pretty Useful and can be Applied


1. Make Flash Cards

Practice is the number one key element in any successful language acquisition. Make your own flash cards on the words and characters you’ve learned, and mark the difficult ones that you’re unsure of. Write the English equivalent and the pinyin behind and carry the flash cards around with you. You’ll find that this way you’ll be practicing the writing of the character form, engaging with the form visually and linking it back to its meaning while remembering the sounds and pronunciations all at the same time.

Paste the flash cards on their counterparts if applicable and practice using Chinese that you’ve learned to familiarize yourself further. Flash cards are so effective because they bring about multi-sensory learning experiences which helps in the memory of newly picked up information. It’s also effective whether you’re a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner.

2. Have Fun While Learning

Learning a language is like going to the gym. At the start you are motivated and all puffed up but without proper motivation and regular fun injected, you’ll start to find “valid excuses” to skip that long overdue training. To master Chinese, you must have fun, seriously. Set little milestone goals for yourself and reward yourself along the way.learn more here!

Find out how to use Chinese to tell your wife or girlfriend “I love you” again, and make your day interesting by finding a friend who is also learning Chinese and challenging each other to a dare of asking for numbers or directions from a Chinese girl. Go watch Chinese-dubbed anime with friends or rent some Chinese movies for entertainment. Likewise, find out what are some Chinese songs you like and listen to it while chilling out. Learning should never be a boring affair of just hitting the books and listening to audio tracks!

3. Interact and Speak

To learn Chinese, you have to speak Chinese. Speaking Chinese with a native Chinese speaker would definitely help improve your pronunciation and your use of grammar. Unlike English grammar rules which have many exceptions, Chinese grammar rules are actually quite straightforward and simple. If you cannot find a Chinese speaking friend, make sure you interact more with other people learning the language as well, either through forums or Facebook friends.


Interaction will increase your exposure to the many scenarios regarding the use of Chinese. The more areas that you feel you are experiencing an inadequacy in terms of vocabulary and manner of expressions, the more targeted your learning will be in satisfying these new found “demands”.read more info from

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